Trusting your pet’s care to someone should be a comfortable and positive experience. We believe our Resort offers this and many other amenities.

We also believe that it is beneficial if you and your pet come out to meet our staff and have a tour of our facility. This will give you an opportunity to ask any questions you may have, so you feel good about leaving your pet.

Along with this, we strongly recommend our complimentary “Meet & Greet” where your pet would stay with us for a few hours to see what they think. This service is complimentary since we find it to be very beneficial for both the owner and the pet. We give you feedback on how your pet did and it is a great way for us all to meet before the big day.

The atmosphere we strive to uphold at Solid Gold Pet Resort is to feel like a second home, which we think our guests – and their owners – appreciate and value. It is hard to leave your pet, our job is to ease that difficulty and ensure you peace of mind.

Boarding Tips

Here is some information on Boarding different types of pets that we feel is helpful.

Dog Accommodations

Your dog will have a spacious and clean indoor and outdoor area. Little dogs and big dogs are generally on separate levels. With our “Basic Boarding” they get outdoors many times throughout the day. They would have doggy neighbours or not if they would prefer a solid wall. They get to watch the going’s on of the day. We have their meal times and give any special treats or medication they require and most certainly special attention! They can curl up for a nap in our fully heated and air conditioned Resort. And of course, our staff have plenty of treats on hand! While boarding your dog may participate in a few different types of exercise that you can customize to meet their needs which could include a walk, ball throw or playtime with friends to go along with their regular boarding routine. Please see our “Prices Tab” for more information. And never hesitate to call us for more information. We would love to talk to you!

Kitty Accommodations

Your kitty will have their own two level, clean kitty suite, from floor to ceiling. Our kitty suites are in a  private kitty room that is nice and bright. They are able to get out for a roam around the room while we clean their suites multiple times a day! We have their meal times and give any special treats or medication they require with lots of love! We provide dishes, toys, scratching posts, litter & litter boxes. You are more than welcome to bring their favourite bed, toys or scratch posts. We offer Pine Fresh litter or you can bring you own favourite. And never hesitate to call us to talk more about your kitty or schedule a time to come by for a look around!

Small Animal Accommodations

Please call our Resort for more details about us boarding your small animals, such as birds, ferrets, rabbits, guinea pigs, mice, rats, hamsters etc! We would love to talk to you!

Things to Remember

  • Food – Bring your pet’s regular diet, wet food, special diets, etc. We will follow your pets feeding schedule as best we can. For example if your pet needs Breakfast, Lunch, Supper and a Night meal, we can do that or anything else they may need!
  • Treats – We have treats on hand, but if your pet has special cravings or allergies, feel free to bring your own. Also, if they enjoy Peanut Butter Kong’s or other yummy filled treats we will do those as well. Don’t feel silly for bringing their favourites! We will do anything you do at home!
  • Toys – Bring one or two of your pet’s favourite toys! Something that would be safe for them to have while boarding.
  • Bed/Blanket – Feel free to bring a bed or blanket of their choice. We recommend that you leave your pet’s best gear at home, as it could possibly get damaged during their stay.
  • Vaccination Papers – Please bring in proof of vaccination. You may also get your Veterinarian to e-mail us a copy.
  • Crate – If your pet prefers to sleep with their crate, you can bring it along; we’ll set it up in their run and leave the door open.

Proof of Vaccinations

We require proof of all vaccinations. Dogs are required to have their regular Annuals, Rabies, and Bordetella up to date. Cats are required to have their regular annuals and rabies up to date. Please ensure that you bring their vaccination records with you or request that your Veterinarian e-mail us a copy. We recommend you inform your clinic that Solid Gold Pet Resort will be caring for your furry family while you are away, in case we have to call with an emergency.

Space at the Resort

It can fill up quickly. Please make your reservations well in advance for peak boarding periods such as summer vacation, long weekends and major holidays. You may call, e-mail or use our online boarding registration service to book your dates. We do appreciate a call or an e-mail if you ever need to make changes to or cancel your reservation.

“Without my pets, my wallet would be full, my house would be clean, but my heart would be empty.” – Unknown