For our hours and other information, or to contact us, please visit our contact page.

Boarding Services and Activities

Doggy Stay – $40.00 per day
Kitty Stay – $30.00 per day
Walkies – $9.00 each
Full Daycare – $15.00 each
Half Daycare – $10.00 each
Just You & I Play – $18.00 each

Regular Daycare and Prepaid Packages

  • Sniff and Play – $28.00 per day
  • 3’s a Breeze – $78 (14 Day Expiry)
  • 8’s Great – $200 (30 Day Expiry)
  • 12’s Swell – $288 (45 Day Expiry)
  • 20’s Plenty – $460 (60 Day Expiry)

All prices are subject to tax and subject to changes without notice. Our Daycare packages do have expiry dates that we can discuss with you.

We have special rates for multiple pets and long-term stays. We offer brushing, baths, nail trims, and other services.
There may be an extra cost for certain medication administrations or special needs. Please inquire with us, since every case is different.

We operate just like a hotel that you would visit. If you are able to pick up during the morning time, you are not charged for that day! We accept Cash, Check, and Debit Cards for payment.