Cat Boarding

Facts to Consider

Keep in mind that cats react much differently in a strange environment than dogs do. Cats are instinctively solitary animals. They do not run in packs as dogs do. Therefore, when confronted with new surroundings, a cat’s normal response is to withdraw physically and mentally into a protected solitary state. For this reason, cats enjoy the protected feeling they get while boarding. Ideally cats love a cubby or kitty condo they can tuck into and watch their new surroundings safely.

While it is true that most dogs want to run around and get acquainted, your cat will probably want to sit in the corner and stare, until he feels comfortable in the new environment. Human contact does not normally accelerate this period of acclimatizing. It has to take place in the cat’s own time. A common reaction of cat owners to the idea of their cat in a Kitty condo is “Kitty loves to run around.” Perhaps he does at home, but while he is in an unfamiliar environment, his Kitty condo gives him a feeling of safety. “But what about exercise?” Here again, the difference between a cat and a dog must be understood. Dogs need space in which to get their necessary exercise, whereas cats exercise isometrically. This means that if a cat has enough room to stretch, he can exercise every muscle in his body. When your cat is in a new environment, he will undoubtedly much prefer “safety” to “space.” We encourage you to bring Kitty’s favorite scratcher and toys as well.


Fortunately, within the last several years, there have been significant advances in vaccination programs for cats. In past years, there were a number of contagious airborne viruses which caused serious respiratory problems in cats. Now, there are effective vaccines available to prevent such diseases. We do require your Kitty to have up to date vaccinations and we ask that you be up front with us about any past or present issues with your Kitty.

Stress is a Factor

Any animal in a new environment suffers from stress. This means that his normal immune process is affected, as well as his eating and digestive habits. We will do everything to minimize the effects of stress on your cat. It is important for us to let your cat adjust to the new environment at his rate. Remember that the more often your cat boards, the more adjusted he will be to the boarding environment and the easier the boarding experience becomes. Therefore, we recommend several short periods of boarding prior to a lengthy vacation. If you are a cat owner, you are undoubtedly very attached to your furry roommate. However, there will be times when you will have to make arrangements for their care. It is important to remember that cats do not usually travel well. They do not usually enjoy it, nor do they adapt well to travel. Leaving your cat with a friend is just as unsatisfactory. Cats must go through an adjustment period in the new environment and this means that they will not look upon your friend’s house asĀ “home” for quite awhile. Your cat may try to escape from the strange house or hide as a fear reaction. Therefore, having a boarding facility care for your kitty in your absence is the best alternative for most. Obviously, the most satisfactory way of arranging for such care is to entrust your cat to a boarding facility such as Solid Gold Pet Resort. Where the security arrangements are adequate to insure your cat will not escape and where the staff is trained in observing and handling anything which might arise in your absence.

Welcoming Kitty Home

After you pick your kitty up from your boarding facility, be sure to keep him locked in at home for a few days before allowing him to roam. Just as he had to adjust to his kitty condo, he will have to adjust to being home again. Allow him to find that “at home” feeling again before letting him out of the house.

Remember, we are doing this because we love animals. And, we want everyone to have a pleasant boarding experience, so we will work together for your cat.