Boarding and Daycare
• All pets must provide proof of updated vaccination prior to or on their first day and continue to provide yearly updates.
• Only socialized dogs and dogs in good health are allowed to participate in any of our daycare programs.
• All dogs must be spayed/neutered by the age of six months to participate in any of our daycare programs (some exceptions)
• Any signs of aggression toward other dogs or person will terminate their daycare privileges.
• Owners must be honest, clear and upfront about their pet’s behaviors, whether good or bad.
• Please tell staff about any allergies, present cuts, fleas, sore spots, limps, bumps as well as the general condition of your pets.
• Accurate information about address, pets and contact numbers must be provided as well as any changes to this information.

Veterinary Care
• Any pet in our care may need immediate medical attention while at our facility. If this should occur, we would attempt to contact your regular vet provided.
• Depending on the situation and severity we would seek medical help from our on-call Veterinarian.
• We recommend getting a note from your Vet Clinic stating we have permission to take your
pets to them if needed or have them made aware that your pets will be in our care prior to your trip.
**Accepting this disclaimer, gives Solid Gold Pet Resort permission to take your pet to any Vet of their choice in the case of an emergency.

Release and Liability
• I release Solid Gold Pet Resort, its owners and employees from all liability should any illness or injuries be inflicted on my pet while in the care of Solid Gold Pet Resort.
• If my pet bites another pet or staff member during their stay, I will accept full responsibility for all costs and actions taken deemed necessary.
• Solid Gold Pet Resort will take every precaution to ensure all shots are current. However, if my pet comes in contact with the Bordetella virus, Solid Gold Pet Resort will not be responsible as the effectiveness of shots cannot be guaranteed by a Veterinarian.
• Solid Gold Pet Resort attempts to screen all dogs for aggression and bad behaviors. However, all incidents cannot be foreseen.
• I understand that I am leaving my pets personal belongings at my own risk.
• I will be responsible for any damages my pet may cause while at Solid Gold Pet Resort. This includes any damages done to staff, other pets, other pets’ gear, the building and/or equipment.
• I agree to pay in full at the time of pickup and any charges incurred.